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Of Course There’s A Remix!

Just heard the remix to Eve’s Tambourine. Except for that tired little kid/man voice Swizz insists on using in his songs, and Swizz’s own verse, the remix is hot — ’cause Missy’s on it. I won’t lie, I HEART Missy Elliott. She is FIRE! Here’s the bootleg youtube video for it (read: there is no REAL video, just a picture with the audio) 

 Eve actually sounds happy to be doing a track this go-round. And I always appreciate a good remix. That means the artist went back in the studio and REMIXED the track. Destiny’s Child — Say My Name (remix) f/Timbaland… that’s the definition of a remix. Whoo Lordy. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.


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