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Students Afraid of School

Family Afraid To Send Kids To School After Racist Death Threats Found on Bathroom Wall

I couldn’t embed the video, but make sure you watch it.

In short, these 3 boys attend a middle school where they are 1 of 12 black students. The school officials found in the bathroom some racial epithets and threats with their names and 3 other black students’ names also written. They’ve been out of school for a week or so, now, because they are scared for their safety. It’s the school official’s response, however, that concerns me most.

I went to a high school where I was one of 16 black students in my graduating class. At the time, we were the largest group of black students in any one class. So I empathize with what it must be like to be one of 12 at a middle school.

My concern with this story is that it’s NOT being taken seriously enough. Ultimately, prank or not (but this isn’t a prank, so we’re clear) there are students who believe this sort of speech and action is ok. These are the kids who grow up and start attacking and assaulting people because of their race, only for their parents to get on tv and say “he was such a fine young man.”

When situations like this occur, I fear that the appropriate officials feign concern for the cameras, but secretly make light of it. The reporter says the school administrators in this story thought it was probably a prank, but were still taking precautions. That doesn’t make me feel good. That makes me feel like they’ll beef up security but when nothing happens, they’ll feel justified in their prank assumptions, let their guard down and some child will be harmed.

This is bigger than potential school violence though. I read a comment on someone’s blog once. A commenter said something like “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Even stupid ones.” and I agree. I don’t really care about people being racist. I’m not seeking the end of racism, per se, as much as I want people to understand that you can think what you want, but what you think need not ever invade my space or effect my quality of life. These poor boys are living in fear, having no idea who it is that’s targeting them.

I’ll add this to my “You need proof racism still exists?” files. Unfortunately, people still need proof…


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