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Students Have Rights Too… Right?

Source: Seattle Times 

A Dean of Students at a school in Washington state turned over surveillance video of a student whose parents had asked that they be notified of any “unusual” behavior.

This surveillance video, meant to keep students safe, recorded this female student kissing another girl. The parents promptly removed her from the school when they learned of it.

Parents have the right to parent their children however they feel. So while there are a lot of things wrong with this story (like what constituted her kissing another girl as unusual) I want to focus on this idea of whose responsibility it is to monitor what your children are doing at any given time of the day.

Sure, teachers and babysitters and whomever else of authority that come into contact with your children everyday should be making sure they are safe, by any (generally speaking) means necessary. However, the parents were wrong for asking the school to spy on their daughter and the school was wrong for agreeing to do so. 

What about the student’s right? I’m one of those people that thinks we give children so many rights the parents don’t have any wiggle room to do their job, but come on already. Spying on your child at school via an administrator? What is that?? That’s not helping you be a good parent. A good parent would raise their child so that they could send them off and not have to be worried about what the child is doing when they’re not around, while also realizing that children and teenagers will do crazy things sometimes. What happened to letting kids grow up and learn from their own mistakes? Am I that old school?

Ultimately, I feel bad for this girl. She’s clearly got overprotective parents and that never bodes well in the long run.


May 8, 2009 - Posted by | Could we overreact any more?, News, Uncategorized

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  1. How sad. And what her parents don’t understand is that the more they restrict her, the more she will want to rebel.

    Comment by Akirah | May 9, 2009

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