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Racism between Minorities

Just read a blog that discussed this article. For those of you (like me) who hate having to pause from reading one thing to go read another, let me summarize:

A wealthy Indian businessman named Chiman Rai contracted for $10,000 to have his black daughter-in-law killed. Sparkle Rai was ambushed by men pretending to be dropping off a package (wow, so people really do that) and stabbed to death with her 6-month old daughter in the next room. Police questioned the husband, Ricky, and he said that his family was “a little racist.” Turns out, he had told his wife and her family that his family was dead rather than just deal with the fact that they HATED black people. Oh, and I think my favorite (dripping with sarcasm, for those unaware) part is that now, the Rai’s daughter is being raised by Sparkle’s family because Ricky has gotten re-married to an Indian woman and would rather not deal with his bi-racial child…

I do believe that the more I consider this story and what all had to happen for this to come to fruition, the more I get pissed off — so I hope I can remain articulate through the rest of this…

A) Let’s first deal with Ricky’s decision to LIE about his family. I’ve been in an interracial relationship (IR) and they’re not easy; heck, no relationship is, but in the case of an IR, it is ESPECIALLY difficult when one person keeps something like that a secret. I can deal with dating a guy who’s family doesn’t like me for my race as long as he’s up front about it. I mean, this brings in a whole host of other situations that I’m not dealing with right now, BUT at least he’s honest and at least I can be prepared for whatever might happen should I run into them/have to deal with them. Ricky withheld this important information (and this might have saved Sparkle’s life had she known HOW racist his family was) and as a result, an innocent young mother was brutally murdered. My other concern is that Ricky still seems to be in denial about HOW racist his family is. I mean, your father paid $10,000 to have your wife (whom I assume you love and cherish) and child’s mother killed… and for what? Because it brought shame to the family?

B) If Ricky thought enough to deny his family’s existence (which suggests to me sub-consciously he knew the truth) then how did his father know where his family lived? Why did he never take further precautions to keep his family safe?

(If you can’t tell, I think Ricky should be in jail right alongside his racist father)

C) (and this is the point that INFURIATES me) How DARE Ricky Rai think it’s ok to dump his daughter off on his former in-laws because he’d rather start over in a nice Indian relationship. That’s YOUR DAUGHTER and she has YOU TO THANK for the absence of her mother. You’ve just gotta be kidding me. I mean, I refuse to believe any of this… except it’s 2008 and this madness is still happening on the regular.

This racism between folks of color needs to quit. We get it enough from the outside (and if you’re blessed to be Black then you get it from the inside too) but why are we doing it to one another. Is it not hard enough to just be a minority in America that we have to HATE each other enough to want to kill? This is crazy and all I can think is that this poor 6-month old little girl will grow up with no parent. One was killed through the thoughtless and naive choice of the other. Thanks, but no thanks.


June 30, 2008 - Posted by | News, What in sam hell is going on?!

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  1. IR just have a lot of problems. Love doesn’t conquer all, all of the time. People have a plan for their children, people have a plan for their family, and while the people in the IR think that love conquers all it doesn’t.

    I think this story goes to show the worst case scenario. I am sure if everyone knew the real problems of IR couples it would make them think twice. It’s a tough world and just because the couples accept their love no one else really does.

    It’s not the Utopia people think. You have to live in this world with other people.

    Comment by FreeMan Press | July 19, 2008

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