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In the past month I’ve purchased the following albums:
Lifehouse — Who We Are    Who We Are album cover
Queen Latifah — Trav’lin Light    Trav’lin Light album cover

Keyshia Cole — Just Like You  Just Like You album cover
Maroon 5 — It Won’t Be Soon Before Long It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
Rascal Flatts — Me and My Gang  Me and My Gang album cover

I love them all, though I wasn’t particularly ready for Queen Latifah’s album. The Dana Owens album was hot, but I didn’t buy it. I probably will now, though. Trav’lin Light, despite what other reviewers may have said, is mostly a jazz album. Queen does a great job…. but I still like the Dana Owens album better.

Maroon 5’s new album is NOT getting great reviews from fans. If you liked their first album, Songs About Jane, it’s a toss-up to whether or not you’ll like this one. They’re experimenting, going for more of a soul feel than SAJ had. I love it, but it took two and a half listens for me to really decide that.

Keyshia Cole is continuing with her “woe is me, I hate men” motif, but you gotta do what works. Considering she’s been called the next Mary J. Blige, she’s right on track (MJB’s first few albums, as we ALL know, were primarily about pain… that’s all you know when you’re a crackhead). I didn’t get Keyshia’s first album so I can’t compare, but this one is hot. I wasn’t impressed with a)The fact that they included Diddy’s “Last Night” on the album as a “real” track, instead of a bonus one and b)That the “Let Go” album version is the one with the shortened Lil’ Kim rap which is such a rip-off… and they wonder why people download illegally.

Lifehouse’s new album is a little darker around the edges, but very reminiscent of “No Name Face.” It’s good. Period.

Rascal Flatts’ Me and My Gang is not their newest album, and as usual they’re getting a lot of flack for not being hardcore country, but who cares? I like it, it’s quality and I got what I paid for.


November 27, 2007 - Posted by | Music, Review

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