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Health Care in the USA

With the upcoming Presidential primaries and impending 2008 Presidential election, one of the hot topics is healthcare. I’m currently interning on Capitol Hill and the recently passed, and slightly controversial, SCHIP bill recently passed. So healthcare seems to be a buzz word that’s generating at least a little bit of action on the Hill, but how do real-life, everyday Americans feel?

Oprah recently did a show featuring Michael Moore, creator of the documentary Sicko. He’s famous for Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9-11. While I haven’t seen the doc. having seen others of Moore’s works I’m sure this one is an eye-opener as well. Anyway, some thoughts of mine:

I’ve had a few conversations about Universal Healthcare. It is my firm belief that no Presidential candidate will be able to convince the American people that UHC is the way to go until our nation is adequately educated on what UHC looks like. Most UHC opponents are wealthy and ill-informed. Additionally, if we as Americans really believe that healthcare is not a luxury, but indeed a right, we’re going to have to change our mindset. The American way is to earn what you have. The great American stories are of those who came to this country with nothing and made something. That’s great, but healthcare is not a luxury the way wealth is. You earn wealth, but just by virtue of being a human being, you DESERVE healthcare.

So, on top of being educated about our healthcare system in general, we need to change our mindset. We need to learn that sometimes, it’s okay to step back and let someone else go ahead of us. Everything in this life cannot be about being bigger, faster, stronger and better. Unfortunately it seems that as our country ages, that mindset becomes more and more set in stone. That’s a real problem. Having UHC will mean that some of us have to wait a little longer so that others of us can get the care we need. It might also mean that being a doctor is no longer as lucrative as it once was, but why is it that the medical profession is the only “helping” profession that IS lucrative? Teachers, social workers, counselors, community organizers, even local politicians don’t make as much money as doctors. So what if finally everyone is being paid what they should for their contributions to our society?


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