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Myspace costs judge his job

Oh boy. Another case of Big Brother overreacting. A Las Vegas substitute judge has lost his ability to do such things because of his myspace.

He wrote on his myspace that among his interests were breaking his foot off in prosecutor’s asses. Not very professional, but a prosecutor saw the myspace and requested that his ability to substitue judge be taken away.

His 9-5 job is as a defense attorney and so it makes sense (as he argues) that it was an overstatement made as a defense attorney to make a point. The point obviously being that he likes to win. I seem to be in the minority in believing that he shouldn’t have lost his privileges. He acted in an unprofessional manner and brings question to his character (which is important to a judge), but he should have been reprimanded not fired.

What’s with the overreacting? Myspace and facebook, grantedly, are not adding to our society in the most positive and uplifting of ways and so professional people who choose to have such profiles ought to have better judgment on what they put on it. SO… he was in the wrong, but to fire him excuse him of his duties is excessive. C’mon people… it’s his private profile/blog.

Allow me to reiterate that the man should have done a better job of judging (pun intended) what he put on his profile, I just think that once again the people in charge took it to a whole other level.


August 13, 2007 - Posted by | Could we overreact any more?, News, Ok. That was stupid

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