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More Resignations than Brains

Karl Rove is resigning from the going-down-in-flames Bush Adminsitration. Mr. Rove is a Bush senior aide and one of the most influential aides in the white house. How precious is it that he’s resigning? Not very, only that he joins an ever-expanding list of people who are doing so.

People are speculating that he was forced to quit, and he denies it (of course, the mantra of this administration is “deny, deny, deny”). But one has to wonder, what in all sam hell is going on in the White House these days that makes resigning the new trend? I’ve never seen an administration have SO many key people to resign.

And I also question his timing. The Bush Administration will be long-gone in just a few more months. If he wasn’t forced to quit, why quit at the end? That’s like being 1 mile from the finish line in a 26 mile marathon and quitting because you’re tired! Why? In the CNN article he says he and his family really struggled over this decision. Hmm is all I have to say to that. He also adds he wants to write a book and teach. How cute.

Whenever someone in the know gets enough balls information to reveal all the shenanigans of the Bush White House, I won’t be surprised at all the craziness we find out.

I probably just went on some terrorist list and won’t be able to fly for the next 10 years.


August 13, 2007 - Posted by | News, Ramblings, What in sam hell is going on?!

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